Our Stories

How it all started

Spring Rhythm

I fell in love with the designs of India during my 2,5 year stay in that exotic country. The textiles there had a richness of color and diversity of pattern that almost seemed to embody its culture, people and landscape. One of my favourite places to visit was Spring Rhythm, a beautiful local shop offering hand-printed accessories for home decoration.

Spring Rhythm’s founder, Sonali Kapoor, has Indian roots, a keen sense of style and an eye turned to the world. She has lived and worked in Stockholm, Tokyo and London, and you can see in her craft the inspiration of India…with an international twist. 

While in India, I visited Sonali’s shop often. I loved her products and filled my house with her rugs, cushions, curtains, and linens. I guess it was my way of ensuring a little bit of India stayed with us after our assignment was complete. My friends and family loved them too and I began to see the possibilities of sharing the beautiful and unique Spring Rhythm products with others.

In April 2014, I returned to Bangalore to start the discussion of bringing Spring Rhythm to Switzerland. Today, I am very happy to say that Sonali’s unique designs now are available to anyone who might like to bring a touch of India into their home.

Nina Zetterberg

Next step

Kris Designs

In June 2016 I went back to visit Bangalore with the purpose of meeting with existing relations and developing new ones.

I decided to start working with Krishna Murthy, a dedicated designer working mostly with leather and recycled rubber. Out of those materials he has developed beautiful pieces with its own touch and uniqueness. Kris is very conscious about the impact of the nature and aims to give something back to the planet.