Our Partners

Spring Rhythm

Sonali Kapoor

Creative Director

Spring Rhythm

Spring Rhythm’s founder, Sonali Kapoor, has Indian roots, a keen sense of style and an eye turned to the world. She has lived and worked in Stockholm, Tokyo and London, and you can see in her craft the inspiration of India…with an international twist. She describes Spring Rhythm this way –

"Spring Rhythm captures the traditional technique of hand block printing. Its graceful and natural finish provides a sense of calm and well-being. But Spring Rhythm is not just about products - it's about people. Its vibrant team of printers, weavers and colour makers partner with a well-travelled international customer base to create designs that are beautiful and sustainable. Spring Rhythm’s approach to design and production is thoughtful and considered -- minimizing the use of chemical dyes and water and working with local artisans and experts to create truly original designs.”

Kris Designs

Krishna Murthy

Founder and designer

Kris Designs

Krishna Murthy, founder and designer at Kris Designs, decided to create a line of bags that were special, but still practical. Mixed with pops of color and geometric ideas, each product carefully balances minimalism and function. Kris bags are handmade in Bangalore-India with the greatest care and precision.

Leather bags

The leather bags are made from carefully chosen leathers from animals reared for meat production and the leathers are aniline-dyed to make the texture and pores of the leather tantalizingly visible. The combination of old traditions and cutting-edge processes - that can only be performed on the highest quality hides - ensures that the leathers’ natural character culminates in a bag with a distinctive personality.

All the designs lend scope to the beauty and purity of leather as a material. Cut, design and proportions come together to create the clarity and simplicity of the product in question. It is the way that attention is being paid to the fundamentals that forms the sophistication of the bags.

Recycled rubber bags

Mindfully saving the planet in style. "My deep concern and a constant thought to give something back to the planet earth have inspired new ideas about recycling and reuse. I always wanted an opportunity to make sustainable fashion choices to help limit the consumption of Earth’s natural resources. Even this small gesture can end up making a huge difference."

Kris was always searching for new materials that were stylish and eco-friendly. “It occurred to me that the inner tube of a car tyre could be made into the handbag/accessories I had been dreaming of.”

Thus a new line of Bags and accessories was born under Creative merchandise Innovation: Completely Eco – conscious label as :" Penchar Shop"

"The purpose is to continue to deepen our commitment to people, and planet, as we provide consumers with products which have a low impact on the environment."