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All our products are handmade, which gives them the charm and unique look only handmade items have. If this is something you appreciate, you probably will love our products!

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Sustainable production

We are proud to acknowledge that the production is made in a sustainable way and the products are good for the environment and the people alike.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We always make sure you are satisfied with your product. If you find the product to be defect or not matching your expectations, let us know within 2 weeks from delivery, and we will take it back and return your money. This only applies if you have handled the product as instructed. Please also bear in mind that everything is handmade and therefore imperfections are part of the charm.

Creeper (ZU II)

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“Having traveled the world extensively, I have found in Nina’s products an exciting combination of styles and influences, the neutral colours remind me of Sweden, the rougher fabrics of India and the pattern have a very modern and yet classical style. But it was the ginko leaves from my sofa cushions that brought me back to Japan and turned me into a very loyal customer.”

from Anna

“I’m a very loyal customer because Nina’s products are truly unique and just beautiful. All her products consist of very high quality (I’m picky when it comes to quality!). I also love that there are always new colors and patterns. There’s something for each season.
The best about indesign4u is however Nina. The CEO. She’s very responsible, trustworthy and simply fun! She always makes sure that you are absolutely 100% satisfied with your purchase. She honestly cares about her customers!”

Table cloth in organic cotton
from Barbara privare customer

“The cushions we bought from INDesign4U were beautiful and so original. At first I was overwhelmed by the variety of patterns, colours and fabrics to choose from, but with Nina’s assistance we managed to make a decision and the combination of vibrant colours work perfectly!”

Mix of dhurry cushions in blue and orange
from Josephine private customer

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About us

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Rug and curtains
Table or floor runner in dhurry, print Ambi in orange
Mix of dhurry cushions in blue and orange
Table cloth, White Lotus in celadon

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