Welcome to INDesign4U.com!

Reversible rugs in different colors and prints

INDesign4U offers unique, handmade items for yourself and your home.

You can create your own one-of-a-kind home textiles with patterns, colors, fabrics and sizes to suit you. Every item is handmade in India, using traditional wood block printing technique.

Our homepage is still under construction. If you are interested in placing an order or have questions, please e-mail info@indesign4u.com or visit us on www.facebook.com/INDesign4U.com.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to INDesign4U.com!

  1. I’m a very loyal customer because Nina’s products are truly unique and just beautiful. All her products consist of very high quality (I’m picky when it comes to quality!). I also love that there are always new colors and patterns. There’s something for each season.
    The best about indesign4u is however Nina. The CEO. She’s very responsible, trustworthy and simply fun! She always makes sure that you are absolutely 100% satisfied with your purchase. She honestly cares about her customers!

    1. Dear Barbara,
      Thank you so much, your warm and kind words makes me very happy!
      I miss having you here in Switzerland.
      Nina x

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